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Skydoll goes Trainspotting with dmcworld magazine.

January 23, 2021

This song was our debut release and is very close to our hearts as it was also our first collaboration with the immensely talented, Timotha Lanae. We wrote the song together and it flowed effortlessly as if delivered from the sky. Timotha’s gorgeous vocals helped to send the track into the stratosphere on an exciting…

Digging Deeper with 6am Magazine

December 10, 2020

Author: Marco Sgalbazzini in 6am Magazine "We are laser-focused on the dance floors of the World! ...Nothing can silence the dancefloors of the World forever. They are going to come roaring back. And when they do, we hope that our music will be pumping out of those massive discotheque speakers!"

Nice feature for our new single, “It’s Gonna Be Alright” in ihouseu, the world’s No.1 website dedicated to House Music

December 8, 2020

Skydoll bring some much needed positive vibes on their new single, ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’. Inspired by the civil unrest in their hometown of Minneapolis this past summer, as well as the global plight due to the pandemic, ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’ comes with a warm message of hope in a world of despair. Oozing…

Skydoll checks in with Feeder Magazine in Bucharest, Romania

December 4, 2020

“It’s been a since we’ve heard anything new from Skydoll, but they are back with a bang, revealing their fabulous new single. ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’”

South Africa’s Sho Mag Presents Skydoll

November 30, 2020

Published by SHO MAG Skydoll make a welcome return to the dance music arena with their stunning new single, It’s Gonna Be Alright. Inspired by the civil unrest in their hometown of Minneapolis this past summer, as well as the global plight due to the pandemic,

Big Thanks to for reviewing “Lost In Right Now (Time)”!

April 4, 2018

“'Lost In Right Now (Time)' is a joyful ditty of love that musically weaves between retro 80's airy synth pop, cool Nu Disco and dreamy Soul. The perfect soundtrack to get lost in!“

Trainspotting with Skydoll

March 29, 2018

Check out our latest favourite grooves in a Trainspotting feature for DMC World Magazine!

Skydoll teams up Timotha Lanae on ‘Lost In Right Now (Time)’

March 27, 2018

Published by Data Transmission : "After their debut smash single ‘Feel You’ with Timotha Lanae last year, Skydoll aka MacGregor Teigen, Brandon Dalida and Paul Ryan charm us once again with their unique style of soulful music, revealing their highly anticipated follow up single ‘Lost In Right Now (Time)’ due out on 30th March via…

Bigshot Interviews Skydoll

December 29, 2017

2017 Rewind: Skydoll: 2017 was amazing for us! We released our debut single “Feel You” featuring the incredibly talented soul sensation, Timotha Lanae. We have been overjoyed by the tremendous reception the track has received.

Skydoll Interview in iHouseu

November 9, 2017

60 SECONDS WITH... SKYDOLL · Causing a storm with their debut single 'Feel You' with Timotha Lanae, iHouseu grabs 60 Seconds with the hot new US band who go by the name of Skydoll.

World Famous Agency Digs Feel You

August 30, 2017

Sandro Thompson, CEO of the World Famous Agency calls Skydoll's new release "Feel You" featuring Timotha Lanae "magic." Thompson's Facebook post on August 22, 2017, notes appreciation for the nod to classic "soulful house" music. Many thanks, we're glad you dig it Sandro and we agree. The timeless voice of Timotha Lanae makes our new track…

More DJ Love For New Release

August 30, 2017

DJ Sandy Turnbull does it again...another Skydoll Facebook holler August 21, 2017. Sandy you're the best! Follow Sandy on Facebook and read the shout out here.

Feel You on D3EP Radio Network

August 30, 2017

Skydoll feat. Timotha Lanae "Feel You" (Opolopo Remix) has been spun into another hOUSEwORX session. This popular podcast by DJ Jon Manley on D3Ep Radio Network was the #1 podcast on SHOUTBOX in August 2017. Jon produces feel good sets he describes as "fresh Deep, Soulful House and Garage beats plus a sprinkling of Something Different." We…

Feel You Gets More Play on hOUSEwORX

August 30, 2017

We’re humbled and pleased to receive continued play by many of our favorite DJ’s. Skydoll feat Timotha Lanae “Feel You” (Original Mix) kicked off the August 18, 2017, hOUSEwORX set by the talented Jon Manley.

DMC World Checks in with Skydoll

August 28, 2017

Skydoll had the honor of being interviewed by DMC World's Ratha Gud on our new EP release, Feel You. Skydoll are a brand new band hailing from Minneapolis and together with Timotha Lanae, they’re seducing soulful fans with their outstanding debut single, ‘Feel You’. DMCWORLD checks in… Check out the full article here. Premiere of Feel You

August 28, 2017

Special thanks to for the amazing summary of our latest release, Feel You: Sweet soulful sounds are what's on the menu as new Minneapolis trio, Skydoll release their debut single. Featuring the smooth vocals of Timotha Lanae, 'Feel You' is a stunning song, where her lovely vocals glide over a backdrop of lush sweeping strings, warm…

Skydoll Takes UK Radio Waves!

August 25, 2017

Skydoll's new song "Feel You" got some pre-release lovin' from our friends over in the UK. Feel You saw airtime on several stations, including Time 107.5 with John Leech, DEEP Radio Network's hOUSEwORX radio with Jon Manley and on Mi-Soul Radio by radio presenter Martin Lodge on his "It's a Monday Thing" radio show. Much…

Skydoll Ft. in MixMag September Print Issue

August 22, 2017

Skydoll's Feel You remix by Opolopo is featured in the September print issue of Mix Magazine.

Collaborator Timotha Lanae Shares Words on Skydoll EP Release

August 22, 2017

Drumroll please... So excited to announce that our long-awaited EP, Feel You, has finally released, exclusively on Traxsource today. Our dear supporter and collaborator Timotha Lanae shared a few words for our friends.

Sandy Turnbull Tips Hat to Skydoll in Latest DMC World Mag Interview

August 20, 2017

Special thanks to DJ Sandy Turnbull for the fantastic shout out in DMC World Magazine!

Skydoll Featured in 6am Magazine for Upcoming Premiere

August 20, 2017

‘Feel You’ is a slice of contemporary dance floor soul from the brand new Minneapolis trio, Skydoll.  Featuring the sensual vocal talents of UK Soul Chart topper Timotha Lanae (‘Red’ / ‘Rewind’ albums), Skydoll has delivered an absolutely stunning debut where Timotha’s emotive vocals glide over a backdrop of lush sweeping strings, warm Rhodes and bubbling electronica. UK producer Sandy Turnbull turns…

Skydoll Remix Featured as Track of the Day by Insomniac

August 16, 2017

Skydoll's upcoming release "Feel You" was remixed by the amazing Opolopo and recently featured on as the Track of the Day! Check out what Jorge Hernandez had to say about this "hump-day bump."

10 Stars, Blues & Soul Magazine

August 7, 2017

We’re over the moon for our latest review from Blues & Soul Magazine! Check out the full 10-star review here. “‘Feel You’ is the shatteringly good new single from Minneapolis trio Skydoll who have teamed up with soul-cat Timotha Lanae on this sensual debut.”

Sky-High Review from DMC World

July 25, 2017

Thanks to Ratha Gud for the kind words, "'Feel You' is pure contemporary soul. New Minneapolis trio, Skydoll, together with Timotha Lanae have penned a beautiful song where emotive vocals glide over dreamy strings, warm Rhodes and bubbling electronica."